A Better Way

Trinity Air Medical was created by experienced medical professionals who recognized a need for economical medical transport services. Too often patients and their families were referred to expensive and unnecessary private air ambulance companies when air transportation was required. It was heartbreaking to see families spend tens of thousands on unnecessary services. Collectively we thought, there has to be a better way.

Our mission is to exceed our patients and their family’s expectations. We remain in constant contact throughout all stages of transport. Recruited clinicians not only experienced in their area of expertise, also understand the importance of customer service, positive interactions and most of all, compassion. Unlike other providers, we are not conflicted with also offering private air ambulance jet services. That is not our goal. We focus on one thing: Medical Transportation. Trinity Air Medical staff is driven by the passion to provide extraordinary customer service with efficient and cost effective solutions.

Our service delivery is the difference that makes us unique. Trinity Air Medical is focused on performing Commercial Medical Escort and Travel Assistance unlike any other provider.

-Cheryl Aisporna, Trinity Air Medical Director of Clinical Operations