We exist for our partners and care a lot about enriching their lives.


Why are we doing it?


  • We want to help patients, loved ones, gifts of life and medical professionals around the world with unparalleled service
  • We want to provide a better medical transportation and logistics experience
  • We create mutually beneficial relationships with our partners
  • We work closely with our partners to solve problems
  • Our partners become interested in growing our business
  • They become part of our overall vision to change health care transportation and logistics – and that’s way more rewarding than just providing a service


The Foundation


Trinity Air Medical was founded and created by experienced medical professionals who recognized a need for economical medical transport services. Too often patients and their families were referred to expensive and unnecessary private air ambulance companies when air transportation was required. It was heartbreaking to see families spend tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary services. Collectively we thought, there has to be a better way.