Medical Escort vs Private Air Ambulance

A simple description of Private Air Ambulanceservice is a medical team of RN and Paramedic providing care on board a smaller, privately operated aircraft. Typically aircraft is a jet or turbo prop. Ground transportation is most commonly an ambulance.

It is the highest level of critical care available. Also consider, costs can be very expensive, insurance coverages are limited, space is minimal and very few amenities. Be advised, most medical aircraft have only enough room for 2 family members and 1 carry on, if at all. Private Air Ambulance services are intended for critical care patients and definitely have a need.However, air ambulance services are not necessary for greater than 70% of patients who are in need of travel.

Commercial Medical Escort allows more travel options to aid facilitation of patients and families needs. A clinician such as a RN, Paramedic or Respiratory Therapist provides one on one care and supports the travel experience. They can transport just the patient or a large number of family and friends also. Top companies will also coordinate the most appropriate ground transportation method such as a town car, limousine or shuttle bus. Quality providers will book patients and clinician to fly business or first class air travel. Patients can experience more luxurious travel amenities such as early boarding, ability to stand and move, drinks, food, proximity to lavatories, in-flight programming and a restful travel experience. The numbers of passengers or luggage is also typically not a concern with Commercial Medical Escort.

Private Air Ambulance services are absolutely necessary for the treatment and transportation of the critically injured. Commercial Medical Escort is a comfortable alternative for approximately 70% of patients who are not critically ill. It is incumbent upon Physicians, Nurses, Case Managers and Social Workers to educate their patients as to the best, most appropriate method of travel.

Doing what is right and best for the patient and their family is the upmost concern.