We believe that medical needs should not keep people from traveling.

As a rapidly growing healthcare organization, our focus is to provide the highest level of patient-centered care with unparalleled service and safety around the world.

Services we provide.

Memory Care Transports

With the rise in the number of various types of dementias, we recognized the need for specialized training. We believe the complex process of transporting an elderly person with a memory related disease should not be left up to family members to figure it all out. Traveling with a person living with dementia can be a challenge as behaviors are often unpredictable. We believe specialized training and a knowledgeable clinical team is a must for this type of travel to be a success.

Every one of our flight clinicians is equipped with customized training developed by Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Brain Changes®. These proven techniques prepare our clinicians with the skills necessary to care for this vulnerable population when relocation is necessary.

For more information on Teepa Snow’s dementia education, go to teepasnow.com

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Senior Living Communites

Trinity Air Medical is proud to partner with senior living communities across the country when residents are in need of transportation assistance.

Adult children are often faced with coordinating travel arrangements for elderly parents when transitioning to a senior living facility. For the large majority of these situations, immediate action is required. Planning can be cumbersome and unfamiliar and in most cases, adult children have little to no experience with caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.

Let us ease the burden for your families and help fill your vacancies faster.

We can transport a future resident to your location safely and expeditiously in a fraction of the time it takes family members to coordinate this complex task.

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Case Managers / Healthcare Providers / Discharge Planners

How can we help you help your patients?

If you have been tasked with coordinating a patient disposition, then you know the planning process can be challenging. The more complex the disposition, the more time is taken away from patient care.

Let our team help expedite the process and do all of the coordinating for you and your families.

A medical escort is a low-cost alternative to a critical care air ambulance service. For families or facilities who are paying for these services out-of-pocket, this option can save in upwards of tens-of-thousands of dollars.

If you are unsure if a patient qualifies for a medical escort, give us a call. Our medical director can triage your patient’s case and determine the most appropriate level of transportation. We can even give you an estimate of the costs during your call.

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Travel for the Terminally Ill

According to recent studies, healthcare providers lack the knowledge and training when facilitating end-of-life discussions with terminally ill patients.*

Research has endorsed that healthcare providers are not having end-of-life conversations with their patients and that numerous barriers exist that prevent such conversations from taking place.* According to one study, patients born outside the US would prefer to return to their country of origin to die when presented with the option to travel at end-of life.*

We believe that people deserve to know there are options.

Let us help you fulfill your bucket list travel request
When terminally-ill persons were presented with the option to travel before they are too sick to do so, studies indicate they are better prepared to deal with their diagnosis, have an improved sense of well-being, suffer from less depression and have a greater sense of control over their situation.*

Myths about medical travel:

Myth: My patient is too sick to travel and could die en-route to their destination.
Actually, a very small percentage of patients pass away in-flight. Patients who are medically cleared by their MD and travel with a licensed clinician experience very few adverse events.

Myth: My patient probably doesn’t have the money to pay for a medical escort.
Healthcare providers should never make this type of decision for their patients. It is the responsibility of the medical provider to facilitate end-of-life conversations, not determine if the patient has the resources to fund such a request.

Myth: My patient has family support here locally and should remain with them.
When given the option, many transnationals born outside of the U.S. prefer to return to their country of origin to die. Reasons include: Religious or cultural traditions, connection with “home,” other family members out of country, monetary reasons, and improved or alternative care offered abroad, just to name a few.

Medical escorts are registered or certified clinicians who accompany people requiring medical assistance to travel by air, whether from one facility to another or simply relocating out-of-state. A medical escort is able to provide the following care and treatment: Medication administration, oxygen supplementation, tube feedings, tracheostomy care, dementia/mental health support, incontinence care and transfer assistance.

Our flight clinicians consist of registered nurses, certified emergency paramedics and respiratory therapists. All of our clinicians are trained in-house with customized education that equips them to provide the highest level of quality care to our patients onboard an aircraft.

All of our transports are coordinated by our travel team. We do all of the planning to safely and expeditiously accompany our patients from point A to point B worldwide. Every one of our medical transports is triaged and overseen by our medical director. Click here to speak with a member of our healthcare team for more information regarding a medical transport.