We believe that medical needs should not keep people from traveling.

As a rapidly growing healthcare organization, our focus is to provide the highest level of patient-centered care with unparalleled service and safety around the world.

Services we provide

Air Travel with Dementia

In recent years we have witnessed a steady increase in the number of requests for persons with various types of dementia. Traveling with a person in the mid to later stages of disease can present a challenge as behaviors are often unpredictable. The process requires a strong knowledge of the disease process and thorough planning to be successful.

Because of this demand, we recognized the need for specialized dementia training. In 2017, all of our flight clinicians received training to work specifically with persons living with Alzheimer’s dementia. In fact, we are the first air medical transportation company to offer this specialized service in the U.S.

Every one of our flight clinicians who perform these transports have been trained by a PAC® Certified Independent Trainer and receives refresher courses annually. These proven techniques developed by Teepa Snow provide our staff with the necessary skills enabling them to appropriately care for this patient population.

If you are a family member has a need to travel with or relocate a person with dementia, we highly recommend you do not attempt a commercial flight before speaking with one of our travel specialists.

To request more information on air travel with dementia, pricing or to book a transport, Click here.

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For more information on Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care® (PAC) education, go to Teepasnow.com

Senior Living Communites

Trinity Air Medical is proud to partner with senior living communities across the country when residents are in need of transportation assistance.

Adult children are frequently faced with the challenge of assisting elderly parents with long-term care options. In the majority of these situations, immediate action is required due to a sudden change in the persons’ condition. Planning can be cumbersome and unfamiliar and in most cases, adult children have little to no experience with caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.

Let us ease the burden for your families and help fill your vacancies faster.

We can transport your future resident more expeditiously then it normally takes family members to coordinate this complex task.

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Case Managers / Healthcare Providers / Discharge Planners

How can we help you help your patients?

If you have been tasked with coordinating a patient disposition, then you know the planning process can be a challenge. The more complex the disposition, the more time is taken away from patient care.

Let our team help expedite the process and do all of the coordinating for you and your family members.

A medical escort is a low-cost alternative to a critical care air ambulance service. For families or facilities who are paying for these services out-of-pocket, it can save up to tens-of-thousands of dollars.

If you are unsure if your patient qualifies for a medical escort, give us a call. Our medical director can triage your patient’s case and determine the most appropriate level of transportation. We can even give you an estimate of the costs during your call.

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Travel for the Terminally Ill

We believe that people deserve to know there are options. Let us help you fulfill your bucket list travel request.

We receive numerous requests from family members who are trying to assist a loved one with an end-of-life travel request. Efforts are often thwarted due to hospice other healthcare providers deeming the patient “too ill to travel.” In many cases, the person dies within days of the initial contact to our travel department. For the person whose dying wish is to travel out of state or the country before they pass away, timing is everything.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, regardless of the stage, and there is a desire or a need to travel by air; please contact us. We can discuss travel options and review your individual situation with our medical director.

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Pediatric Medical Escort

Does your child need to travel out of state to visit a parent or grandparent and you are unable to accompany them? Does your child have any medical conditions such as asthma, seizures, insulin resistance, anxiety, or requires routine medication administration during flight?

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, a licensed or certified pediatric medical escort is a great way to ensure the safety of your child when having to travel alone. Plus, a medical escort will accompany your child all the way to their destination and not just to the security checkpoint.

Even if you are traveling with your child but are concerned about medical issues during your flight, a medical escort can accompany you and your child and assist with the overall planning process.

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Medical escorts are registered or certified clinicians who accompany children and adults requiring assistance to travel by commercial or private flight. A medical escort is able to provide the following care and treatment: Medication administration, oxygen supplementation, tube feedings, tracheostomy care, dementia/mental health support, incontinence care and transfer assistance, just to name a few.

Our flight clinicians consist of registered nurses, certified emergency paramedics and respiratory therapists. All of our clinicians are trained in-house with customized education to provide the highest level of compassionate, high-quality care to our patients.

All of our transports are coordinated by our travel team and every trip is triaged by our medical director. We do all of the planning to get you or your loved one from point A to point B, anywhere in the world. Our complete package includes ground and air reservations, TSA and airline coordination, medical equipment, and collaboration with hospitals or facilities when necessary. We utilize commercial or private flights and even offer medical stretcher flights for those who need a higher level of medical support.

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