Travel Insurance: Do I need it?

If you are thinking about traveling for business or pleasure, domestic or international, consider purchasing travel insurance. No one likes to anticipate what might go wrong while traveling, especially when on vacation. Unfortunately, things DO go wrong and if you have ever had the misfortune of requiring medical care while traveling, you know this all too well.

Travel agencies offer a variety of insurance plans to clients who want to insure they are covered in the event of an emergency. Plans include trip cancellation, medical expenses, loss or delays, and 24/7 assistance and most importantly, air evacuations. However, travel insurance is not all-inclusive so it is prudent to consider using a reputable travel agent and read the fine print to book your travel reservations, especially when traveling outside the country. A good resource for travelers who would like to gain a better understanding of travel insurance and its benefits can be found at: Travel Insurance Review 


Credit card companies offer clients a form of travel insurance that provides limited coverage when the trip is paid for using that company’s card. This type of plan primarily covers accidental death or dismemberment but doesn’t always cover the cost of repatriation. Check with your individual credit card plan for more details.

Personal insurance plans normally do not cover medical expenses when the insured travels outside of the country. Travelers are expected to pay for all medical treatment out-of-pocket at the time care is rendered.

Here are some questions a person might ask when considering purchasing travel insurance:

  • What type and how much coverage am I getting?
  • What exactly does the plan cover? What is excluded?
  • When and how fast will I get reimbursed?
  • Is the fee reasonable for the coverage?

Case example: Mr A is on vacation in Costa Rica. While on an extensive bicycle tour, he falls and fractures his femur. He is unable to return home as scheduled due to surgery. Mr. A purchased a travel insurance policy. He is in need of a medical transport to get him home. His travel insurance company receives information from his doctor that he is medically stable to travel but will need assistance due to a cast and crutches. Mr A does not need an air ambulance and is able to fly on a commercial flight with a nurse or paramedic. Because Mr A purchased the appropriate travel insurance, the expense of his medical treatment and medical transportation/repatriation is covered. Mr A can have peace of mind knowing that he will be escorted safely. He will also not have to pay for this expense out-of-pocket which could have easily exceeded $14,000.

Traveling with medical needs can be exhausting and complicated. Just getting to the lavatory on a commercial flight can be a major issue for injured travelers. If you are ever in need of medical assistance while traveling, please contact us. We have clinicians that can help you safely return home while minimizing the stress. If you have travel insurance and are in need of a medical escort, please request that your insurance company contacts Trinity Air Medical.

Safe travels!

How to save money and find the best travel insurance:
Use a comparison tool to get quotes for all plans and compare. Click here.